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Vickie Guerrero screaming at Edge was the best thing shes ever done [Jul. 4th, 2008|07:36 pm]

This is the quality of jobs the NSW Police are called to:

Inft states drank LA Ice cola drink fast. Drink was icy and now inft does not feel well. Would like pol to attd and chk out. Ambos not respondong

Why oh why did no one sit the silly woman down and explain the words "BRAIN FREEZE" to her? That is not a police job. Of course the ambos are not going, probably cause they had a less stupid 000 operator than we do. 

I spent so long doing nothing at work today that I finally wrote my uni application and then rewrote it. Ive now written one of the best things ive ever written, its a flowing depiction on why I should do a Bachelor of Nursing touching on such subjects as "My compassionate nature" (which does not apply to Ashley Massaro, Mark Henry or Edge) and how my dad's injury had affected me. It hasnt I think, other than I know when to duck and cover. I said I undertook "caring responsibilities" for him and I guess I do, but you dont really think what you do is caring until you sit back and take a look at it. I mean, I help him out of a chair cause im usually stood next to him, not cause I think of his back.  My dad's not your typical injured person. Just yesterday he stabbed me lightly in the hand with a fork, claiming it was to "test you were awake". 

Today was actually an ok day at work if you minus all the bitches bitching about me. One of them, Lisa, actually bitched about me while I was in the lunch room with her - to another operator. I thought - um you could at the very least wait until im out of the room. But I was with one of the new police officers and he and I were sat at the back of the room laughing at channel Romeo.  He actually found my comments funny and when he left said thanks for my help. I didnt help him any i just talked to him cause otherwise Id go stir crazy watching Ellen on tv. 

Mom found an aged care scholarship, i just have to get Mickola to print off the application form for me so i can fill it in. I have a printer, i just dont know where the cable is so atm Mick is my printer. 

Sophie msgd me especially at work to tell me she bought herself Guess luggage. Bright red Guess to be exact. The lucky chuck. I was gonna duck down the rtard shop and grab a pull along suitcase but no, she buys Guess. Good for her though. Id buy Louis Vuitton if I could find one place in Shellharbour who knew who he was. 

And - the most important part of my entire LJ post today. I found a really cute smock dress and a pair of black pants Ive been pining for ever since KVD wandered across LA Ink in them at Crossroads. I went to pay and then found out all their jewellery was reduced so I now have a lot of purple cubic zirconia. I bought a pair of studs for me and some long, dangly ones for Soph. The a bracelet for me and a necklace for me. It all came to $41 for I am indeed the queen of the shops. I then realised i cant tell the time and arrived back at work ten minutes early, spending those ten minutes kicking myself and watching Scrubs.

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(no subject) [Jun. 8th, 2008|08:59 pm]
[music |Hinder - Nothing Good About Goodbye]

I. Need. To. Marry. This. Man.


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New Rene Dupree site & Cody Rhodes [Jun. 1st, 2008|07:54 pm]
Have I mentioned im in love with Cody Rhodes lately? He's...wait for it....just as smexy as Rene Dupree. 

And how much does Ted DiBiase Jr look like Orton? I watched Heat and thought it WAS Orton. And i stare at the man enough to know the difference.Look at images of really young Orton in OVW, then look at Ted. Thats scary. I hope they never wrestle each other as only Ortons tattoos would be able to tell them apart.  

On other news - after much perving, myself and Rebecca - one of the original owners of RDO have decided to open a new Rene Dupree site. There is one up already renedupree.net but its run by a male and thus doesnt focus much on his perving. Unless its written by Rebecca, in which case it mostly focuses on his crotch. Which i dont mind at all. Finally, our obsessions can be put to good use.
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(no subject) [May. 8th, 2008|06:38 pm]
[music |Rockstar - Nickelback]

The Age of Orton forum now looks amazing! Thanks to Lanie's brilliant header. I think its awesome, i love that image of Randy. If I knew how to make it into a layout - itd be mine. The header just looks awesome!!

I am slightly drunk I think. My grandparents have been over from the UK and are going back tomorrow. We had a dinner, of sorts, to say goodbye to them. My grandad offered me one glass of red wine but didnt tell me it was 14 or 15% alcohol so it was a lot stronger than i thought. Theyve been staying with us for the past 2 months, its going to be weird to have them go back. 

I bought tickets to see WWE Smackdown June15th!! My dad and I are both going to go and watch it. My brother will be right in the middle of uni exams and seeing as hes doing a double degree he has tons more exams than I did.  Im getting back into wrestling, havent watched the shows for a while, but the first time theyll be on Fox8 will be on tomorrow so Ill have to tape it and watch it and get back into it. I bought the WWE Magazine and had a flick through - is it true that Davey Boy Smith's son has been called up to WWE? I hope so!!

-The mag had the best comment from Santino Morella about the crowds event one Raw to Maria making an appearance in Playboy. He said "Yeah, but these people will cheer for anything. If you asked who wants hepatitis? theyd cheer just as loud" somehow, comparing Maria to a deadly disease makes me laugh. 

Does anyone have any plans for Mommys Day? I bought my mom a chocolate fountain, nail varnish and some other bits and pieces. I stopped into Crossroads and found two tops I liked, then found out they were on special. Im addicted to berets at the moment too. I dont know why. I just think theyre cute. 
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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2008|08:17 pm]
Have finished putting up stuff on the forum now. Its pretty much done. Also posted the first post cause i couldnt resist.  
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Benoit [Jun. 26th, 2007|06:24 pm]
Im just waiting for the flood of LJ posts that will happen. This whole thing has eerie echoes of Eddie Guerrero and Owen Hart. Why is it that we regularly see to have to say goodbye to someone in WWE?
What an awful way to go. And his wife and son too. I pray that God keeps them in His hand and that He brings comfort to the rest of the family and to the superstars. Anyone whose ever wrestled Benoit would be touched, anyone who ever knew him would be touched! He truly breathed what he was doing. I hope they find out who did it and why and show him the repurcussions of their actions. I know God will bring comfort out of this and it helps me to have someone to believe in, I just hope their family knows God and can find comfort in it.
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The night Jack Daniels met John 3:16 [May. 14th, 2007|02:06 am]
[music |My Deliverer Is Coming]

Ex Imperial Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan.

I should really update this more. Look how often Mel updates. Im glad that you seem to like this dude, he does look quite sweet. I get the urge to squeeze his cheeks, I dont know why.

I stayed up most of the night Saturday night watching the season of Dr Who with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.I love that man. I was watching the end episode when Rose looks into the vortex, so cool. Can someone answer me something? Captain Jack is bisexual isnt he?

Someone complimented me on my "style" the other day. I wasnt aware I had one. I think I just adapt things. I have a penchant for wearing Wrangler jeans. I'd wear Lee but they dont fit my legs properly and Wranglers rock. I have two pairs, the first ones are really baggy and dont fit when you want to do the jeans-tcuked-into-your-boots kinda thing. These will. I also found a beautiful baby pink suit blazer which will be good for work when I go to prayer meeting straight afterwards and cant be bothered changing. Its baby pink with darker pink stripes and fits perfectly. Its a size 8 and I am a size 12, can someone tell me how that works please? And my jeans are an 84? I know Wranglers are American sizes though. I also want leather gloves for some reason. I know these baker hats are sposed to be "cool" but they make my face look retarded. I prefer those flat cockney style of caps, if only i could find somewhere in the Gong that sold them. 

Im not doing the deb any more. Alec was just..well..not very nice about it. Basically I should have just listened to everyone else. I just so wanted to see the good in him. I did see he is a nice dude, but maybe I just didnt get to see the best side of him. I should have listened to Peter & Cassie. Oh well. I learnt my lesson. He just said he couldnt be bothered, didnt wanna do it, was too stressed and had too many things going on and this was just one more thing he couldnt worry about. I was hurt and still am a little but im getting over it. Im getting over a lot of stuff. I also realised not to think bad things about Peter. He's a nice friend, he just has a lot of stuff on. I should take that into account. 

We had a preacher this weekend - Johnny Lee Clary, ex grand wizard of the KKK - who preached about the choice of spouse you make and how if you have a promise from God to wait on that and not settle for second best and I realised thats what I was trying to do. I decided just to believe in my God and settle for Him and what He brings. He really challenged me a lot when he said whats first in your life. I have to keep God first, or nothing else will work. Ive also been reading a book by a preacher I heard at Prescence - Michael Pitts - whose really challenging me about keeping my walk with God right. Its so good. 

Today was such a massively long day at work. I finished later but we had 3 hours National Training for SSDM training. Basically when you call Centrelink, we have to deal with everything right themn, which the call centre does anyway. Its mostly for the offices though cause they just tell customers to call us all the time and they get annoyed, quite rightly too. I had some guy call me from the office today to make a complaint, as the police were coming to remove him from the office! It was quite an interesting call, id idnt reallyt say anything but it taught me how to type fast as he talked though lol. You could hear him cursing the manager in the office cause shed told him off for putting his feet up on the table. Quite rightly I thought. 

I have prayer meeting tomorrow night, Wednesday night is one of my '1 on 1 discipleship nights' with Lydia and Chris, we're going out to Tangs for dinner, Thurs is Youth leader's meeting and Friday is Youth. This weekend I think Im going camping for some of it, then Church. 

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NEW DOMAIN [Apr. 23rd, 2007|08:04 pm]
Got so incredibly sick of FMH. Im now being hosted by my church hehe.


It means "The Lord is Present" in Hebrew.

Commens much appreciated. Still finding a definite layout for the thingie.
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Quiz [Dec. 13th, 2006|06:33 pm]
Stolen from Lanie

01. Ur name : Emma
02. Hobbies : Youth Ministry. Writing. Spendng time with friends. Reading. Scrapbooking. Driving.
03. Gender : Female.
04. School / work : Bachelors Degree/full time Australian Public Servant working for Centrelink
05. Height : 5"8

06. Horoscope : Dont believe in them
08. Address : thats private
09. Email : xxwalkthelinexx@gmail.com
10. Hair colour : dark brown but somehow it has this awesome light brown streaks in it right now
11. Eye colour: Blue
12. Skin colour : pale, cept im sunburnt on my shoulders right now
13. Right or left handed : Right.
14. Status : Single.
15. Siblings : 1 Brother - Michael
16. Last 3 digit of your mobile no : 083
17. When's your Birthday : 11 August
18. Age : 20
19. Shio : eh?
20. Religion : Christian. Im Pentecostal which means I believe in outward signs of worship like raising my hands. Pentecostals pray in tongues as its a gift of the Holy Spirit, it basically means you're led by the Spirit

[[ have you.. ]]
21. Tried smoking : No
22. Drink alcohol : No
23. Been hurt emotionally : Yes
24. Kept a secret from anyone : Yes
25. Been on stage : Yep

[[ favorites ]]
26. Color : Green/yellow
27. Food : PIZZA!
28. Town : I like Sydney
29. Number : 7
30. Cartoons : Family Guy,
33. Movie : CASINO ROYALE!
34. Subject : english

[[ right now.. ]]
36. Wearing : black work skirt, white singlet top and black jumper over the top
37. Hairstyle : in a bun
38. Looking for : nothing finishing this lj entry
39. Thinking of : Jess Thomas coming to cell tonight and how long the popcorn has to be in the microwave for
40. Listening to : some idiot using a drill outside

[[ do u believe in.. ]]
41. Love : yes
42. Faith : YES
43. Yourself : Yes
44. Ghosts : No
45. Angels : Only in a Christian way. You dont pray to angels.

[[ in the last 24 hours.. ]]
46. Worn jeans : No
47. Cleaned your room : no but it needs it
48. Cried : No
49. Met someone new : Yes
50. Last person I talk to on the phone: Doctors

[[ love life ]]
51. Do you believe in love : Yes
52. Have a secret admirer : No
53. Do you wanna get married: Yes.
55. How old you wanna be when you married?: Young. Under 25
57. How many kids do you want : 4
58. Would you have kids before marriage: No
59. Do you have a Crush : Honestly? Yes
60. What do you want most in a relationship : A man who loves God and challenges my walk with Him, whose strong and loyal and who has a sense of humour and wont tell me off when I crack up by myself laughing at rubbish
61. Pink or Black : pink
62. Kiss or hug : Hugs
63. Summer or winter : Summer
64. Sunny or rainy : rain
66. Hanging out or chillin : hanging out
67. Music or TV : Music
68. Hamburger or Pizza : Pizza
69. Smile or Laughing : Laughing
70. Sleeping or eating : BOTH. duh.
71. McDonald's or KFC : KFC
72. Silver or gold : Silver.
73. Sunset or sunrise : sunset
74. On phone or in person : In person.
75. Diamonds or Pearls: pearls
76. Adidas or puma : Puma
77. Band members or models : Models
78. Local or international Artist : Christian ones.
79. sneakers or boots : sneakers
80. Jack Daniel's or Chivas Regal : Neither
81. Dunhill or Marlboro : neither
82. clubbing or live music :live music
83. Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt : Depp
84. Angelina Jolie or Kate Hudson : Neither of them
85. colosal/epic or romantic comedy : epic
87. BMW or ferarri : BMW
88. incubus or maroon 5 : Neither
90. long haired or bald : long haired
91. pop or rock : rock
92. beach or mountain : mountain
95. nokia or ericsson : Ericsson
96. 311 or hoobastank : Ew
97. Asia or America : Am,erica
98. Tattoo or piercing : I have my ears pierced
100.asking or answering : Depends.

Wow that is long. Shame on you Lanie. Im working on my new personal site and its changes. I want to write cell stuff up somewhere so it can be like a little book thingie where you can read what we said last week or something. I still have my respiritory tract infection so just booked another appt with the docs to be checked out and get another prescription am so sick of feeling sick!

I got audited today, had some head cheese from Canberra listen to my calls and ask me what Centrelinks standard of excellence was and what our business directory was. Not have dole bludgers?

Eeep my phones messaging
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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2006|08:45 pm]
This turns out to be more of a weekly update thing with me. I worked 8 til 12 on a saturday @ work to do overtime, calling customers and reminding them to lodge SU19s in the office. Lots of fun but itll mean a healthy paycheck and im now on holidays for 3 weeks.

Tues was fun, Pete said hed call when he finished work, which is usually about 330ish so when he didnt call I assumed I wasnt going anywhere and went home to eat dinner. But because he was going to Tasmania on Thurs he had to stay late, cause he runs most of the jobs now, which he hates cause he says he has to think. He called about 5 and I missed the call, my brother was right next to it and doesnt pick my phone up when he knows full well its Peter, the little get. I called him back and we arranged to meet @ Albion Park Maccas. I walked out said dad im going to ap maccas and then came back 2 mins later and said dad how do i get to ap maccas?

I was sat trying to adjust my shirt so I look normal rather than spasticated and Pete pulls up. He got a shower just from leaving work, i dont know why he felt compelled to impart this small particle of information to me but he did, and was wearing jeans and a shirt. He walked over and my nose twitches, and im thinking what is this wonderful, masculine smell? And then I realised it was his aftershave, which was sort of spicy and subtle but the best smell ive ever smelt. I dont know why people bag a sense of smell, i think its one of the best senses ever. We had a good chat, mostly about cell and Chris, he admitted he hates what Chris is and what he does, he didnt actually say he hated him, but hes not a huge fan of him either. Im sort of down too, cause i spent this arvo with Lydia and Chris and Chris was rather..ah..inappropriate, which has got me cut and he worries me, but I dont really want to think about it. We went to prayer meeting late together and then he got swamped by Megan so I left early and sort of crept out. Went to see Kecia and spend some time with her and to see how she was doing. She seems a lot better and a lot happier.
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